Florida-CEED Services

Florida-CEED offers a variety of ways to assist you or your organization to
.learn about and implement cooperative strategies and principles
  1. Classes & Workshops
    Florida-CEED offers, two-hour introductory courses, an 8-series class, an intensive 8-month program in cooperative business. Conversion workshops for retiring business who are considering selling the business to their employees.
  2. Business Development Services
    Florida-CEED provides technical business assistance to those who want to start, incubate, or convert a business using the cooperative business model.
  3. Program Development
    Florida-CEED develops educational program material and provides program implementation tailored to your organization's needs.
  4. Community Outreach
    Florida-CEED offers monthly Introduction to cooperatives, sponsors Co-op Cafes, and tables many local events. Call us to arrange for one of our experts to talk to your group or organization.
  5. CEED Coalition
    Become a member and have your voice heard. Members have voting rights and are eligible for funding assistance to develop their programs or co-op, and may receive scholarship assistance for conferences, and member discounts.