One Community Grocery Co-op

A grocery co-op starts with the commitment of its members. We are in stage one and building our membership with a goal of 300 members. If you move away your one-time membership fee is refundable. If you would like to join our grocery co-op and be a part of the change, you can join by paying a one time fee of $225.00 + a processing fee of $6.00 or attend our monthly event $3.00 meals. Fill out your application below! Every membership counts...we need yours!
  1. Erica Hardison President of One Community Grocery Co-op St Pete
  2. Malik Yakini
  3. Dr Jessica Gordon Nembhard
  4.  One Community Grocery Co-op

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One Community Grocery Co-op Corp.
901 34th St S. 
St Petersburg, FL 33711 

USD 230.25
Family Membership

USD 282.00
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Board of Directors

  1. 1
    Erica Hardison
    President and food activist
  2. 2
    Brother John Muhammad
    Vice President and Organizer
  3. 2
    Judith Turner
    Treasurer and Cooperative Developer
  4. 4
    Abenah Adams
    Secretary and Legal Consultant
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Children if Membership is Desired
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