About the Ceed Coalition     
While Florida Cooperative Empowered Economic Development fosters this cooperative, the coalition is a much larger and much needed collaboration of, cooperatives, indivduals, business, local community-based organizations (CBOs), labor unions, and schools,and refered to as
                                                                                            The Ceed Coalition

Members share a common purpose of  creating a local coopertive eco system that provides greater opportunities for underserved people and communities, creating living wage jobs and building real community assets and wealth using the cooperative business model and principals. As well as do what co-ops do best, build strenght with cooperation.
The Ceed Coalition aims to move beyond traditional business and charitable models that attempt to tackle issues of inequity.
The voices and needs of those most affected by systems of poverty and racism is central to our mission. By uplifting and prioritizing the most marginalized of us, we hope to help St Petersburg become a truly equitable city.  Members of this coalition understand that we cannot create sustainable outcomes for the community without its direct involvement and guidance.


The Ceed Coalition is open to anyone interested being a part of the local cooperative ecosystem and achiving that goal by
giving a vote on how coopertive economics will take root in St Petersburg.
What membership offers ​What resources are used for
  1. The operational structure for the Ceed Coalition
  2. Education members receive two presentations to their group or one schlorship to Cooperative Entrapurship  
  3. Funding for program develoment tailored for member needs
  4. Funding for providing sevices for new and existing cooperatives in development 
  5. Funding for attending confrences and training 
  6. Becoming a part of and or using a directory of cooperative experts and reasources  
  7. Becoming a part of and or using a vendor directory of cooperativly owned local and national business 
  8. Building peer to peer network of cooperativly of loacally owned business that will better support one another
  9. Identifying key partners that support cooperative business development 

This approach is meant to build ties, reduce cultural barriers through peer mentorship and ensure community-driven cooperative development.

  1.         Vendors
    Principal 6. Cooperation among Cooperatives. As part your membership you will be able to offer and receive cooperative services, you will connect and be connected business, and resources
  2.          Members
    the list of who's who in the cooperative movement in St Petersburg and join the cooperative!
  3.           Partners
    Our partners love co-ops as much as we do and support the cooperative network and we want you to know who they are