Meet The Board 

Meet The Board 
Judith Turner  

 Working in the construction sector most of her career she’s started and operated contracting firms in four states and now holds multiple state licenses in Florida. While still running occasional day to day operations at e-construction group, she devotes all of her free time building the platform for cooperative economic development in St Petersburg, a passion that is shared by the broader community in St. Petersburg.

Executive Director
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Joanathan Rodriguiz 
Jonathan F. Rodriguez recently moved from Puerto Rico to Florida. He studied Business Administration with a concentration in Marketingy . As a Cooperative Business Developer for the “Liga de Cooperativas de Puerto Rico”, he helped developed several successful co-ops in various economic sectors including: Agriculture, Food, Health, and Manufacturing among others. Passionate about healthy finances he became Certified Personal Finance Counselor which  helped develop hundreds of co-ops inside schools contributing to the success    
He now works with Florida Cooperative Empowered Economic Development corp. He also runs a maternity blog along with his wife and loves taking his 5 year old to the park in his free time. 
Managing Director

Bryant Rohland 
Achieva Credit Union

Dr. Amy Sauers is an Associate Professor of Marketing in the College of Business at St. Petersburg College. She specializes in relationship marketing and market research/data science and advocates for a greater role for cooperatives in business. She is honored to be joining the Board of Florida CEED
Amy C. Sauers, Ph.D.
 Associate Professor of Marketing​​
Rick Smith 
SEIU Orgainer 
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Open Seat 
Board Member 
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