Are you interested in learning more about cooperative development, sign up for one of our up comming classes
  1. Introduction to Cooperatives
    This 2 hour introductory overview provides an overview of what a co-op is, the types of co-ops, the seven co-op principles, and shared co-op values followed by a fun interactive review and discussion. once monthly No Fee
  2. Co-op Cafe
    These are informal talks on different topic ranging from key historical co-op movement to the differences between ESOP and Cooperatives the resilience of the co-op model once monthly No Fee
  3. Collaborative Decision Making
    This once a week 8 module course meets once a week for 2 hour to work through a step by step template that is a proven guide for group governance offered quarterly Fee based
  4. Cooperative Business
    This is an week 8 module miro course that introduces the step to starting or converting to a cooperative business model, including, feasibility, your business plan, by-law and accounting. to help you decide if this is the right business model for you offered quarterly Fee based