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Come out and support cooperative development .
  1. Introduction to Youth-Owned Cooperatives
    6-8 PM Address 440 2nd Ave N St Petersburg, FL 33701
    In this introduction, we examine how “collaborative economics or alternative cooperative economics and the cooperative business model” were used as a strategy to achieve socioeconomic survival and contributed to a struggling people. Come join us for an engaging presentation on how this “collaborative economic model” was utilized by African-Americans to overcome an oppressive social economic hurdle decade by decade.
  2. Introduction to the Cooperative Business Model
    6-8 PM Address: 440 2nd Ave N, St. Petersburg, FL 33701
    This introduction provides an overview of what a co-op is, the types of co-ops, the seven co-op principles, and shared co-op values followed by a fun interactive review and discussion. Presented by Florida Cooperative Empowered Economic Development Corporation Fee: Free
  3. Step to Starting a Grocery Co-op
    6-8PM Address 440 2nd Ave N St Petersburg Fl 33701
    To open your cooperative, you must first create a roadmap to success. The key to the road map is utilizing the Four Cornerstones in Three Stages development model for start-up food co-ops. We will examine these steps and examples or other grocery co-ops start ups and long standing business, and update you on St Petes very own grocery co-op! Seats are limited get your free tickets now !!