About Us 


​​Florida Ceed was created out of community in St Petersburg FL. and their strong desire to include cooperative economics in their long term goals as a city

Starting with the peoples budget review, resident began to collect their voices as citizens of St Petersburg  and asked how they wanted their city  budget used.

It is this effort and determination that the New Deal for St Pete was born and in that revealed the clear voice for cooperative business development to be a part of the main stream of South St Pete.  

Florida Cooperative Empowered Economic Development Corp. aka Florida Ceed  formed August 1st 2017 a 501(c)(3) non-profit chartable organzation, as a response to that voice.  

Ceed is a cooperative business resource center that provides education, business development , workshops, program development, communtity outreach, and coalition growth  

Florida Cooperative Empowered Economic Development corp.
is honored to be housed at Pinellas Technical College located in St Petersburg FL. PTC and Florida Ceed taking the lead on innovating new ways to apply business development to the hands on work force.