7 Cooperative International Principles  

#1 Voluntary and open membership
 Membership open to all able and willing to accept the responsibilities of membership

#2 Democratic member control
 One member-one vote
 Elected representation
  Members elect from among themselves a board of directors
Transparent, fair decision making
 Good communication

#3 Member economic participation
 Member contribute to and democratically control the capital of their business

#4 Autonomy & Independence
 When entering into contracts of financial arrangements, to do on terms that ensure
 Democratic control by members
 Autonomy for the co-op

#5 Education, Training, Information
 Ongoing training to members on co-op basics
   Understanding financials
  Participatory democracy
Educate the public about co-ops

#6 Cooperation among co-ops
 Co-ops serve their members and strengthen the co-op movement by working together at
 Local, regional, national, international
Share information and good practices
Bylaws, policies, peer meetings

#7 Concern for community
 Co-ops are rooted in the community
 Model for sustainability
 Triple bottom line
Financial viability
Member interests
Environment and community